Things Happened Around the NFL When I Was Gone

| May 21st, 2013

Some things happened. Nothing earth shattering but events did take place. I’m massaging my way back into the flow of writing.

  1. Moving the NFL Draft to May will be a ratings success but it means another month of me completely ignoring mock drafts from around the country.
  2. Someone needs to write a major profile of Cliff Stein in one of the Chicago dailies. Stein, the Chicago Bears salary cap maven, has been the strength of the Bears front office for what feels like more than a decade. I don’t agree with Hub Arkush on basically anything but I agree on this: Stein could be in line to succeed Ted Phillips.
  3. So is the entire Seattle Seahawks organization cramming for finals? Adderall? With that dreary, rainy shit weather in Seattle I would need Adderall just to get out of bed.
  4. So it turns out a number of Washington Redskins fans purchased Bob Griffin wedding gifts off his registry. Two things. (1) Millionaires shouldn’t be allowed to HAVE registries. (2) I wish those fans had called me. I could have given them a list of very worthy charities.
  5. Nice job by new Jets GM John Idzik. He made two significant free agency signings. One retired. One is in jail. 2-for-2.
  6. Amazing how the Kyle Long pick perception has changed since the night of the draft. Gil Brandt reported three or four teams were targeting Long directly behind Chicago, including the Green Bay Packers.
  7. I think Dwight Freeney is going to disappear in San Diego. I just spent three days in San Diego and I don’t know how an athlete can maintain a competitive edge when living in paradise. La Jolla, I miss you.
  8. I am sure Rob Gronkowski will play football again but I feel confident saying his body will never again sustain the impact of an NFL season successfully.
  9. Side note: I am all for Dan Snyder keeping the name Redskins. I think everyone, including Native Americans, need to lighten up.
  10. Nice seeing that Packers horse stink it up at the Preakness.
  11. Have you ever heard the type of nonsense you’re hearing in Dallas regarding Tony Romo? The owner wants him around the building more? He has to limit his golf schedule? If these concerns are legitimate, why pay him all that money?
  12. Does Charles Woodson want to go back to Oakland? Does he really want to finish his career with a couple of five-win seasons?

More in a day or so…