Three Early Training Camp Thoughts

| August 13th, 2013

The following are not concrete ideas. They are mere trifles, thoughts, things to consider as the Bears approach their second meaningless game of the summer Thursday night.

  • The Bears don’t have a quarterback behind Jay Cutler. I understand McCown’s intelligence and Cutler’s desire to have him on the bench but if Cutler goes down for any significant period of time the season is over. Then again the same can be said for just about every contending team in the sport. Nobody in this league can survive losing their starting quarterback.
  • If there is a player worth actually watching over these next two preseason games it is Joe Anderson. I’ve never seen it with Anderson. I don’t get the hype and don’t really care what he does with the number twos and threes in practice. With Earl Bennett resting his brain and Brandon Marshall hopefully seeing no action this preseason, Anderson needs to show he can be a productive NFL receiver. To this point, he hasn’t approached even that.
  • The player who jumped off the screen at me during the absolutely unbearable exercise of watching the first preseason game: Nate Collins. Looked faster and more aggressive than anything we saw in 2012. If Collins can be productive alongside Melton and Paea the Bears interior defensive line could be a force.

Does any of this matter? Not really. But I like to write.