Trestman Moves Hester Back to Specials

| March 20th, 2013

Marc Trestman, at the NFL owners meetings, told the Chicago media that Devin Hester will be working exclusively with special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis. The greatest return man in the history of the league is returning his attention and energy to the action that will one day land him in Canton.

I have written countless columns about the ludicrousness of the Devin Hester on Offense Experiment. Any human being with eyes could tell Hester was never comfortable. He never knew where to line up. He ran the wrong route half the time. He dropped passes. Moving Hester to offense was the stubborn objective of GM Jerry Angelo and head coach Lovie Smith – two men who had failed to draft (the former) and develop (the latter) offensive talent for a generation of Bears football. That is over now.

Hester should not take this as a demotion. This is where he belongs. And now he can begin to demolish every record in the return man book.