A Bunch of Random Thoughts on the “Happenings” in Bourbonnais

| July 29th, 2014


You walk into a bar. A fella says, “What do you think of the Bears this season?” You sit there in that moment, raise the cold glass of Bud to your lips and realize the fella just ordered a sandwich that don’t fit his mouth. He expected a “they’ll be pretty good”. He’s getting a lot more.


  • Optimism in camp is usually a synonym for bullshit but there seems to be some legitimate optimism surrounding the linebacker position. Shea McClellin seems finally able to utilize his athleticism. Khaseem Greene and DJ Williams have been making plays. Lance Briggs has stopped bitching and moaning about the ghosts of defense past. Hell, even Christian Jones has received praise from Phil Emery.
  • If you don’t know much about Greene, he’s a sound man. CLICK HERE to read an article detailing his decision to wear number 52 as a tribute to his friend Eric LeGrand.
  • The only way Phil Emery is cutting Pat O’Donnell is the rookie having a couple nightmare performances in the preseason and Tress Way is sound. Emery can say what he wants about the best players making the squad but there would be a significant egg stain on his cheeks should he be guilty of wasting a sixth-round pick on a dud punter.
  • Side note: Tress Way is a great name.

  • I tend to like when entrenched starters miss some time early in camp for two reasons. (1) They can’t get seriously hurt if they’re not out there. (2) Folks like Eben Britton and Kyle Fuller can get meaningful looks at positions they might be called to play should injury hit the team mid-year.
  • Is it me or is Jay Cutler sort of anonymous at this camp thus far? You get the sense everyone has finally accepted he’s the guy, the only guy and the only news of note that could involve him would be injury-related,
  • Why would Matt Forte ever do anything aside from mildly jog at camp?
  • Same for Jared Allen. He knows how to rush the passer. He doesn’t need to practice.
  • Like the random fights at camp because it proves the offense views themselves equal to the defense. This has been the greatest impact of the Emery/Trestman era.
  • 0: the number of catches I’d like to see Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery combine for in the preseason.
  • What the hell is this disease Kyle Long has got?

No injuries, no problem, a lot to consider.

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