Adam Jahns of the Chicago Sun-Times [AUDIO]

| December 9th, 2014

Adam Jahns joins me for another free-wheeling conversations on all things Chicago Bears. Some important and/or telling information includes:

  • Jahns describes the locker room this week as “cheery” after last week’s dourness, almost as if the team is resigned to their existence of being terrible. (Can’t imagine fans want to hear this.)
  • Marc Trestman is described as a coach carrying himself like he knows he’ll be returning in 2015. Jahns says he would be “shocked” otherwise.
  • Jahns is bullish on Jon Bostic and has been all season long. If Bears want one player to keep their eyes on these next three weeks, Jahns believes it is Bostic.
  • Don’t expect to hear anything from Emery or McCaskey until season’s end.

Love these conversations. Expect them all year round.

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