Around the League Tweets – April 16th 2014!

| April 16th, 2014

ATL Tweets

Around the League Tweets, Winner of 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Around the League Commentary in 140 Characters Spread Out Over 10 Installments!

1 of 10. Aldon Smith needs to find a rehab for being a fucking idiot.

2 of 10. Only 3 games on NFL schedule are easy to guess: week 17 match ups, CBS Thanksgiving game, opening night. Good luck w/ Rams contest.

3 of 10. How much you wanna bet the NFL exec who called Clowney lazy & spoiled works for the Rams? Or the teams with the third pick. Or fourth.

4 of 10. Did someone actually criticize the Jets for pulling out of Draft Day with Kevin Costner? Maybe they just read the script?

5 of 10. Would Donald Trump change the Buffalo Bills to the Trump National Bills at Buffalo? (He is poison, NFL. Pure poison. See: golf.)

6 of 10. I can’t think of an NFL assistant coach who has achieved as much and received as much derision as Kevin Gilbride. I don’t get it.

7 of 10. Brandon Lloyd is one of the stranger characters on the NFL landscape but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him have productive year in SF.

8 of 10. When people say player isn’t “good value” at certain draft spot, what does that mean anymore? Money no longer issue. Get your guy.

9 of 10. Does Phil Emery direct Trestman to “avoid Devin Hester like the plague” when Bears travel to Atlanta? You know, a respect thing?

Side note: The respect element is a joke. But I don’t think Bears fans would stomach the camera shot of Emery’s face after Hester scored on an opening kickoff.

10 of 10.  Critics of NFL sched release-as-event baffle me. Many fans, including myself, make fall plans based on announcement. A huge deal.

(Side note: The individuals who criticize this are the ones who HAVE to attend every game anyway. But a lot of fans get excited by the number of primetime games they’re awarded. A lot of fans look for the most desirable road date to go away for the weekend with their buddies. And many STHs across the NFL can no longer afford their tickets and how the schedule is aligned has dramatic impact on their ability to re-sell tickets.

From a football standpoint, how can the impact of the schedule be understated? You’d much rather draw a new head coach early. You’d much rather play a difficult road opponent in the early Sunday slot than in primetime in front of their drunken, hyped-up fan base. These things are important.)

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