Around the League Tweets – April 3rd 2014!

| April 3rd, 2014

ATL Tweets

Around the League Tweets has our Pro Day Monday. No Tweeting that day. Will instead display our ability to eliminate apostrophes & articles.

2 of 10. There must be a dearth of corners on market if Champ Bailey still has interest from teams. 2013 tape made 1 thing clear: he’s done.

[Side note: I love when people make statements like, “Bailey should retire now.” Champ Bailey is thirty-five years old. Thirty five! And the morning after he retires he’ll enter a period of irrelevancy he hasn’t experienced since he was about 10. He won’t be a football player. He won’t be a star. He won’t be receiving a massive pay check weekly. Bailey should retire whenever the hell he wants.]

3 of 10. Urlacher didn’t learn from Tiki. Fans ma love ya in team’s uniform but they love TEAM far more. Best not criticize em post-career.

[Side note: If Urlacher continues to complain about the organization, he’ll start hearing boos at Soldier Field. ESPECIALLY if the Bears win without him.]

4 of 10. Release of Desean Jackson far too convenient for the Eagles. Wanna bet they had say as to when the DJax gang piece would come out?

5 of 10. Dont know if they’ll gel but Giants quietly went about fixing their biggest issue: porous offensive line play. Big, veteran bodies.

 6 of 10. Draft prediction: Derek Carr goes off the board before AT LEAST one of the perceived Big Three quarterbacks. And maybe two…

7 of 10. If Texans take Bortles he’ll be trivia answer for years to come. “Who was the player taken BEFORE Jadaveon Clowney in the 2014 draft?”

8 of 10. NFL must open ’14 season with Denver at Seattle. Rare that Super Bowl rematches are possibility, let alone possible for opener.

9 of 10. Mets’ Daniel Murphy is taking maternity leave. Can you imagine Cutler missing a game on a day where his kid WASN’T born? Crucified.

[Side note: Maternity leave is the biggest bag of horseshit around. It may be un-PC of me but I had no problem with women being women and men being men. We accept that they have a complete inability to tell a story without going off on 5-7 inane tangents and they accept that any sporting event is a decent enough excuse for us to go to a bar.]

10 of 10. Stat NFL needs: Injury Impact Percentage – weighing how greatly a team is negatively impacted by injury. Not easy but helpful.

[Side note: I may undertake this statistic for the upcoming season within the NFC North and see how it flies. There is so much statistical analysis happening in the league right now but this seems to be one of the league’s most important elements which few people are monitoring in a serious way.]

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