Around the League Tweets – March 13th 2013!

| March 13th, 2014


Around the League Tweets, Free Agency Ya Next Tuesday! 1 of 10. Aren’t the Oakland Raiders lucky the Cleveland Browns exist?

2 of 10. Can’t imagine Darren Sproles would have chosen Philly as an FA. Doubtful he wanted a team with a more dynamic, faster back.

3 of 10. One of my biggest surprises: Andy Reid letting Dexter McCluster leave KC w/out a fight. Struck me as pivotal weapon for Chiefs.

4 of 10. Harbaugh acquiring Blaine Gabbert & Jonathan Martin is him sending message: I can get to NFC title game w/the worst players in NFL.

5 of 10. There’s only player outside a Chicago Bears uniform I pull for to win Super Bowl: Steve Smith. Pound for pound best player in NFL.

6 of 10. If Rams were so willing to pay Saffold, why’d they let him go make that deal with Oakland in 1st place? Seems strange, doesn’t it?

7 of 10. Matt Flynn may get the pub but Charlie Whitehurst continues to sign multi-million dollar contracts to play a position he stinks at.

8 of 10. Was in Jax when Chad Henne re-signed & local news declared Jags no longer interested in 1st rd QB due to it. They were serious.

9 of 10. Could anyone have predicted two years ago that Hakeem Nicks would enter free agency with less buzz than Eric Decker, James Jones…

10 of 10. Would Ward, Talib & Ware have blocked the Seahawks front in the Super Bowl? If not, how do these moves put them over the top?

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