Around the League Tweets! – March 20th 2013

| March 20th, 2014


Around the League Tweet, Sponsored by Advil Cold & Flu. 1 of 10. Brandon Weeden & Tony Romo is officially my favorite position room in the NFL.

2 of 10. When the Colts released a statement following owner Jim Irsay’s arrest, who was “the Colts”? Wasn’t “the Colts” in a Carmel clink?

3 of 10. Would pay to see March scrimmage between Panthers current WRs and Jets current cornerbacks. Best play: Dee Milliner.#Serious

4 of 10. Hey James Jones. Aaron Rodgers ain’t walking through that door in Oakland. I’m not sure who is but I’m pretty sure he’ll stink.

5 of 10, Two Parts. Pro days are to NFL what agent showcases are to professional theatre actors. You do the monologue well, you get an agent. You get a guy to help find work. You don’t get lead in Goodman Theatre’s Iceman Cometh. Because the showcase isn’t real.

6 of 10. Why is media surrounding NYJ acting like losing DRC was season-ending? Spoiler alert: its not. Not calling Revis back was failure.

7 of 10. Carolina Panthers are starting to remind me of USMNT. Nothing has gone right since wrapping their greatest season in a generation.

8 of 10. Amazed w/all the serious issues facing NFL – brain injuries, economic injustice, poor refereeing – the PAT gets so much silly attn.

9 of 10. Draft class being lauded for its depth; called best in decade or more. Yet so much attn being paid to 3 underwhelming QBs at top.

10 of 10. Maintain belief draft will be hugely altered by team wisely recognizing Sammy Watkins is generational talent & acting accordingly.

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