Around the League Tweets – March 28th 2013!

| March 28th, 2014

ATL Tweets

Once again, this feature will fill the Wednesday void throughout the 2014 season and sneak in each week until then on random days. 

Around the League Tweets, Dayton Flying Since ’13! 1 of 10. If you change evaluation of a player based on pro day, you lose all credibility.

2 of 10. No two figures mean more to Buffalo Bills fans than the late Ralph Wilson & the seriously ill Jim Kelly. Tough week in Western NY.

3 of 10. Most Bills fans I know believed once Ralph died the hourglass would flip on the team in Buffalo. Would be a sports tragedy.

4 of 10. If you had an emotional reaction to goalpost dunk ban, I question your stability. Unless you’re under 12 this shouldn’t matter.

5 of 10. So you can’t use the N-word or dunk. Goodell would have a heart attack watching the basketball court near my apartment in Queens.

6 of 10. It is not a matter of when Mickael Vick replaces a struggling Geno Smith. Its a matter of when Geno replaces an injured Vick.

(Side note: I see no conceivable way Geno beats Vick out for this job during the summer, especially with the Jets current skill position talent.)

7 of 10. Reseeding playoffs would be 1st step towards diminishing greatness of divisional rivalries. Winning division should ALWAYS mean more.

(Side note: It will only be a matter of time where – in the spirit of “fairness” – propositions start coming in to do away with divisions altogether. It’s inane but it will come.)

8 of 10. Based on the Raiders moves to this point I’m wondering when they announce Vinny Testaverde as their opening day starter at QB.

9 of 10. Never seen guy divide folks equally like Manziel. Half seem to passionately want him discredited & half offended when that happens.

(Side note: Tebow was NOTHING like this. A minority of folks thought Tebow could play at NFL level and the attacks on him never veered toward the personal the way they have Manziel. I get sense half the football media will be feverishly rooting for Johnny to fail and the other half believe his success is a validation of the modern college game.)

10 of 10. DaBearsBlog is offering $1 billion to any person that guesses every winner of every game of the 2014 NFL season correctly.

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