Around the League Tweets – March 5th 2014!

| March 5th, 2014


The Around the League Tweets, DaBearsBlog’s claim to very little fame on Twitter, will be a feature on DBB each Wednesday moving forward as a way to tie the week together. You don’t like that? Too bad.

Around the League Tweets: Pre-Free Agency Edition! 1 of 10. The weekly feature returns from now through the NFL Draft! How excited are you?

2 of 10. Anything more transparently agent-driven than @AdamSchefter proposing GB give up two 1s for Jimmy Graham? Trying to create market.

3 of 10. Jim Harbaugh might end up having a little Larry Brown in him. Brilliant sports mind/coach who can’t handle one place for too long.

4 of 10. Say this every year but if every member of NFLPA hates idea of being franchise tagged, why didn’t they collectively bargain em out?

5 of 10. So now NFL will ask their refs to jump into piles of angry, juiced up players & make sure they don’t say bad things to each other?

6 of 10. Kenny Britt has Bill Belichick’s two favorite traits: checkered past & went to Rutgers – the Harvard of Piscataway, New Jersey.

7 of 10. Isn’t recent success of QBs on their rookie deals (two straight Super Bowls) a validation of the old system of rookie contracts?

8 of 10. Can’t think of anything I care less about than “wasting time” w/ extra pts. This really bothers people? Doesn’t everybody else pee?

9 of 10. You want real rule change? Stop making pass interference a spot foul! Dont allow bomb it down field & hope for PI approach to work.

10 of 10. Which franchise will be first to take QB in first round every year to avoid having to ever play that lucrative second contract?

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