Audibles Deuce: Negativity After One Week, Briggs Out to Sea, Parcells & “Orientals”

| September 10th, 2014



Let me point you in the direction of two Tweets, both catching my eye in the last twenty-hour hours.


Up with to look for Bears silver linings at 6 a.m. on . Think it might be a short conversation?


Does think the season is still salvageable? 9:52

Looking for silver linings? Salvageable? The Bears have played one game this season, a game where they were clearly the better team but made ridiculous mistakes, and the default response of seemingly everyone covering the club is defeatist. These sad tones or moods or whatever you want to call them osmotically transfer from newspaper pages, radio waves and television screens directly into the hearts and minds around the Chicagoland.

I’ve come to terms with the media covering the Bears. They prey upon the inherent desire of Bears fans to go negative by feeding the negative beast. But I applaud the fan who believes. I applaud the fan who’ll be sitting on a bar stool or couch Sunday evening believing the Bears will beat the 49ers and set their 2014 back on the right path. I applaud the fan who understands, win or lose, watching the Chicago Bears play their 16 guaranteed games a season is still one of life’s greatest joys.

Many don’t realize until it’s too late in life but what I’m about to say is true. Being negative is easy. Being jaded is a cop out. It is the people who put themselves out there and believe – in their lives, careers, sports teams, anything – who experience the great joys in life.


From a Pat Finley piece in the Sun-Times:

Asked on his Comcast television show about a radio report he was out partying until 4 a.m. Saturday, linebacker Lance Briggs said that “what I do on my off time is my business — it’s my business.”

Lance Briggs is absolutely right. His off time is his business. But why go out at all on a week where you’ve received public criticism from media AND ex-teammates (this column’s namesake) for opening a restaurant and skipping a short practice? Why not lay low for five days so you don’t have to answer these types of questions? I’ve written several times I believe Lance Briggs checked out on this organization in the wake of Lovie Smith’s firing. I just wish he’d do SOMETHING to prove me wrong.


I am not sure what would offend most in the below clip. But there’s a lot.

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