Better Offense Prevails: Rapid Fire Recap of the Packers Beating the Bears

| September 29th, 2014

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys

The Packers deserved to win. Their offense made fewer mistakes than the Bears offense. But this game left me hollow for a lot of reasons. Rapid fire…

  • The referees destroyed this game for me. Even when the Bears have been blown out I usually find my angles of watching, my momentum for the coming week. But the calls made is this game were the worst I’ve seen since Mike Holmgren and the Seahawks were jobbed out of a Super Bowl. On both sides! But the Bears defense is not good enough to overcome Aaron Rodgers being handed new sets of down on ridiculous, nonsensical calls. The hold on Bostic on the field goal? The late hit on Lamarr Houston? Once again, the referees were not the reason the Bears lost. But they absolutely ruined the afternoon.
  • Bears defense was horrible. Outside of Willie Young making a few nice hustle plays and blocking a kick, I can’t think of a single player on the defensive side of the ball worthy of praise.
  • Mel Tucker criticism is warranted but Aaron Rodgers made a half dozen outstanding throws. He was special yesterday.
  • This game was decided by a simple factor: mistakes. The Bears dropped a perfectly called onside kick. Cutler missed a wide open Alshon Jeffery high in the end zone. Josh Morgan should score on a screen but didn’t bother to extend the ball. Martellus Bennett runs a route at the one yard line instead of the goal line to end the first half. Brandon Marshall runs the wrong route on the second interception. Bears have a lot to clean up.

  • Remember how angry people got with me when I suggested the 2015 Bears, not the 2014 Bears, were going to be contenders? I get the sense folks are coming around. Just not enough talent on the defensive side of the ball.
  • Is that how important Jared Allen is? All the pass rush from the first three weeks disappeared and the only difference was the absence of Allen.
  • I don’t care who is returning kicks for the Bears. When the coverage unit is hitting you at the ten every time, you’re not going to be productive.
  • Martellus Bennett has been spectacular through four games.
  • Not sure what the Bears are gaining by playing Brandon Marshall through this injury. I know he scored a touchdown but Cutler barely looked his way all afternoon and Marshall seems to be operating at less than 75%.
  • What a great game from the Bears offensive line. They blew the Packers off the ball to the tune of 235 rushing yards.
  • But you all told me Ka’Deem Carey was terrible. (What? You were wrong! But you said!) Carey is not a speedster by any means but I am not sure I wouldn’t give him a chance to return kicks. His toughness might break a few tackles and give the Bears some better field position.
  • Trestman’s design on the Alshon Jeffery touchdown screen was something else. I’ve never seen something quite like it.
  • Rex Ryan watch has begun.

The Bears are 2-2. Guess what? That’s who they are. There is no reason for praise or panic. This is a middle of the pack team capable of much improvement, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Three of the next four are on the road. Would the Bears sign for a .500 record heading into the bye? I think so.

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