But You Told Me the Season Was Over: Bears Over Niners Rapid Fire Recap

| September 15th, 2014

Marshall 2

Just a spectacular, improbable victory for the Chicago Bears in San Francisco.

  • If Charles Tillman’s season is over, and his eyes certainly told that tale, I don’t want to discuss it. I have made it clear Tillman is my favorite modern Bear as both a football player and man. For his Bears career to end with successive season-ending injuries isn’t right. He deserves better.
  • But I’m pretty sure Kyle Fuller is the real deal. I can’t remember the last performance by a young Bears defender that elicited so much hope for the future.
  • You know who played well last night? Shea McClellin. Maybe it takes a few weeks to learn an entirely new position.
  • Chris Conte’s interception is the reason he’s so frustrating as a player. You can’t make that play if you’re not a superb athlete with football instincts.
  • Here’s something I am starting to think. Brandon Marshall is the second best offensive player in the history of the Chicago Bears. (This will be a full column midweek once I’ve thought through the idea.)
  • Hey look, the Bears just dropped another pass.
  • Hey look, Bears special teams just committed another penalty.
  • Time to give Chris Williams a look as return man. Senorise Perry may be headed down Micheal Spurlock way.
  • Jay Cutler’s numbers don’t tell the story of his game. He was excellent throughout.

  • Phil Emery is paying Jared Allen and Lamarr Houston a combined three zillion dollars. And Willie Young is turning into his most successful move of the off-season.
  • Lance Briggs isn’t done.
  • Through two games the Bears offensive MVP is Martellus Bennett.
  • Punter report. It is sure nice to have a professional one, huh?
  • As Collinsworth pointed out late in the third quarter, Bears protection forced the Niners into the uncomfortable position of using linebackers to pressure Cutler. Jermon Bushrod is quietly having an excellent opening to his season.
  • Refs need to calm down with these defensive holding penalties. There is holding on just about every play in an NFL. You can’t call them all. The game’s fluidity and watchability is at stake here. If you want to be more vigilant with hands to the face and illegal contact, fine. But defensive holding is too much.
  • The Bears beat the Niners on the road with two backup offensive linemen. This is when fans are supposed to applaud their GM.
  • Another note on Collinsworth. He’s as good at evaluating the play of wide receivers as Madden was at offensive linemen. His breakdown of Marshall/Jeffery all night was spot on.
  • What was the inappropriate language Kaepernick used after his first pick to Kyle Fuller? Can’t we make the refs tell us that when they’re making these calls?

The entire NFC North is now 1-1 and the memories of Buffalo are shoved to the back of the closet. Hobo urine be damned!

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