Chicago Bears Third Round Selection: Defensive Tackle Will Sutton, DT, ASU

| May 10th, 2014

Because I am a nice guy, I am moving Augsburger and Vandermoon into the final day. Both will compete tomorrow and we’ll give tickets away.

From CBS:
STRENGTHS: Has a short, compact build that gives him a natural leverage advantage over most NFL offensive linemen.

Times the snap well, flashing an explosive burst to slip through gaps. Possesses quick feet, balance and lateral agility to avoid cut-blocks. Accelerates very quickly to close on the ballcarrier. Possesses surprisingly strong and active hands to rip free from blocks and to rip away at the ball when he sees it exposed (three forced fumbles in 2012). Experienced at virtually every position along the defensive line. Instinctive defender who locates the ball well and hustles to get involved in the action. Peels away from blocks, spinning to rip away and pursue laterally or downfield, as needed. Good recognition of deception plays, reading and peeling off to blow up screens and draws. Showed his dedication to the program by earning the “Hard Hat” award for his work in the team’s offseason strength and conditioning program in 2010 (year he missed due to academics)… Appears to be significantly heavier, stronger than his listed size by ASU (6-1, 267). Good bloodlines. Father, Mickey, played in the NFL for five years as a defensive back and punt returner with the Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills.

WEAKNESSES: Obvious size limitations and may prove to be just a rotational defender at the next level. Short arms and can get locked out by the longer arms of offensive linemen. Possesses very good short-area quickness but reaches max speed quickly and appears to have only moderate straight-line speed for the position despite his size. Seems to tire easily. Will make a big play and then disappear for long stretches. Only has one season of sustained success at the FBS level.Compares To: Geno Atkins, DT, Cincinnati Bengals — Having increased his sack production each of his three seasons in the NFL, the 6-1, 300-pound Atkins has given hope to all undersized, quick-footed defensive tackles that they, too, can find a niche in today’s pass-happy NFL.

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