Collection of Thoughts on Last Night’s Snoozefest Second Preseason Game

| August 15th, 2014

Here are some thoughts on last night’s “game”.

  • Starting with the pregame interview, it isn’t easy to adapt to Jared Allen in a Chicago Bears uniform.
  • I think we saw a few clues last night as to how Shea McClellin is going to be deployed. DJ and Lance will be behind the defensive line and Shea will be sent at the quarterback.
  • Both McClellin and Bostic made excellent pursuit tackles. Good to see them showing instincts for the position.
  • If Chris Williams is going to be the starting kick returner against Buffalo, great. In the meantime the Bears need to be giving someone other than Eric Weems a look back there. I don’t know what Weems does well but I haven’t seen it.

  • Danny McCray does not look like the answer at free safety. Looks to me like he’s holding a place for Chris Conte.
  • If referees throw flags in the regular season the way they’ve done in the preseason the games will be very difficult to watch. Some of the penalties on defensive backs last night were just awful, especially on Kelvin Hayden holding his ground.
  • Here’s the other problem with the flagfest: it restricted what plays teams could call. This is the preseason. You want work on a variety of things. You can’t work on anything from third and thirty-five.
  • Man, when Bostic turns on the jets and goes after a quarterback it is something to see. He may decapitate someone this year.
  • Difference between Bears defense with Charles Tillman and without Charles Tillman is day and night. His tackling on the outside was sorely missed throughout 2013.
  • If Winston Guy had significantly injured Alshon Jeffery, it would have been a play that lived in Chicago Bears lore.
  • Michael Ola didn’t seem to struggle much at right tackle. I’ll go a step further. He looked good.
  • Trevor Scott works his ass off.
  • Sherrick McManis seems to be everywhere in these preseason games. Good to have guys like him at the back end of the roster.
  • Love, love, love Trest keeping the first team offensive line out there for Jimmy Clausen and Shaun Draughn. We got to see both play at their highest level. He might have left the WRs out there too if Eric Weems doesn’t fumble that kickoff.
  • Even Tirico and Gruden started being worn down by flags in the second quarter. This can’t continue.
  • Bears should let Pat O’Donnell kick for four quarters next week. Tress Way doesn’t have a chance.
  • David Fales is only three years younger than Jimmy Clausen. Bears should feel comfortable keeping Clausen and Palmer and risking Fales being scooped away when they try and hide him on the practice squad.
  • Punter, long-snapper and backup quarterback are in pretty good shape. Free safety is going to be Chris Conte if healthy. The big question mark on the Bears roster is still third wide receiver. The guy currently holding that position has been the least impressive on the field.

I’m off on vacation next week but we’ll have a guest blogger for the week. Colorado here I come.

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