DaBearsBlog RevZone Channel: A Rant on the Idiocy of Boycotting & Fan Response

| November 15th, 2014


On the idiocy of the boycott

The Reverend’s performances this year have somewhat worse than the Bears themselves. But we are not changing this feature’s name. Today, sitting in for the Rev is yours truly, the father of this here blog.

This week’s guest’s complementary ranter is a gentleman known as Cody Kustra and his rant complement came via email, presented without edit.

Hey Jeff,

You got me thinking on that last string of tweets you sent out. [Those rants are well summarized in the rant above.] Growing up with Bears season tickets was as incredible as you can imagine. I got to sit in the 6th row of the end zone at least 3 times a year, and always saw the same faces outside of my immediate family and maybe the one friend I was allowed to bring along. I haven’t been to a game in a few years, but I can still picture some of those people sitting in that section every home game.

The older black guy, always wore head phones, would never speak to us unless it was through a hi five when we scored. There was a guy named Hugh who snuck in spicy peanuts every game and shared them (he actually stayed at the same hotel my dad did in Miami when the Bears played in the superbowl). There was a grandmother who always brought her granddaughter.

Point of this long Fuckin email is, as much as bears fans talk about boycotting, no one is stupid enough to give that sort of experience up. And if they are, well, better for the rest of us. I grew up going to Wanny, Dick, and Lovie games. If people lived through that, they will live through Trestman and whoever comes next.

This was a long email. Sorry about that


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