Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears Game Preview

| December 2nd, 2014

This is normally the part of the Game Preview where I state the reasons why not to like the Chicago Bears in the coming week. Then I ask…

Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week? (And then I answer…)

I always like the Chicago Bears.


It is supposed to be in the low 30s Thursday in Chicago, getting colder as the night progresses. (I believe this is how it works almost every day.) The way I see it, this is the Bears only advantage over the Dallas Cowboys.


But its also weather-related. Tony Romo has a bad backs. Bad backs don’t do well in frigid temperatures. Hit him a few times and it could be Weeden Time on The Drive. Want some more information on backs in the cold? Here’s what is actually happening:

Dr. John Parenti, with the Geisinger Medical Center in Pennsylvania, believes that the cause is related to barometric pressure on your joints. There are many receptors in your bodies nerve endings. These detect things like texture, temperature, and of course pressure. However, these nerve endings may also pick up on changes in barometric pressure in the air and respond, in some people, with a pain reaction.

Other studies, done by Japanese researchers on rats have led others to conclude that the part of the body that senses barometric change is actually in the inner ear area, which may disprove the idea that joint pain from cold weather is a result of barometric pressure.

Other ideas suggest that the pain may be the result of trapped nerves. Following an injury, surgery, or any other significant physical event in life, it is not uncommon for certain nerves in the body to be out of place and more susceptible to pain and pressure changes.



  • Always been a firm believer in the “needs the game” theory. After Thanksgiving, lean towards the team that needs the game (if that team is any good) over the team playing out the string (which usually involves fake motivation). Dallas goes to Philly, hosts Andrew Luck and goes to Washington (who give them ridiculous effort every time they play) to finish the season. If the Cowboys don’t win Thursday night in Chicago, their season is over. (Same went for Miami Monday night. Ultimately the crappy team made enough mistakes and better team made enough plays.)
  • Even though Philadelphia molested them thoroughly, the Cowboys offensive line is one of the better units in the sport. The Bears may beat them a few times but they certainly won’t beat them enough to prevent Romo or Weeden or whomever from throwing a few passes to wide open receivers down the field.
  • Dallas has made their bones this season running the football. The Bears have been very improved against the run this season – climbing from 32nd in the league to 12th. But run defense is all about what the players call “want to”. It’s about desire, about running to the football, about passion. Is it possible the Bears have any of those things remaining in the locker room?
  • Cowboys scored 28 points against the Bears last season, 7 in garbage time. If they were to only score 21 Thursday night there’s a good chance that’ll be enough to win. Dallas has a bad defense but quality of defense doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to the Trestman-Cutler offense. They scored 45 to win a year ago. That’s a pipe dream this week.
  • This week’s mutiny from Kromer, Cutler and Forte means we are not far from a major meltdown event on the field. It could come this Thursday night.
  • Dallas is better.

Keep An Eye on the 2015 Schedule

For those of you who don’t know, only two games on the Bears 2015 schedule are not set in stone – the games flexed based upon 2014 finish. If the season ended today, these would be the games in the NFC North:

Bears: at Panthers, home Giants

Packers: at Falcons, home Eagles

Lions: at Saints, home Cowboys

Vikings: at Bucs, home Redskins

Not sure there’s a significant difference between finishing third and fourth, to be honest. But if you’re hopeful for another chance to beat Lovie Smith, it will more than likely take a last place finish.

A Tweet I Sent

Bears beat Cowboys at home last Dec, in primetime, by 3 TDs. Thursday night Vegas has them as 3.5 point underdogs. Hasn’t been a great year.


Chicago Bears 30 1/2, Dallas Cowboys 30


This Bears Season 123, My Care Threshold 3

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