Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears Game Thread Featuring Three Final Thoughts

| December 4th, 2014


Three Final Thoughts

(1) I was once, as a younger man, in New Orleans for Halloween with the great Lou Casillas and a reverend who used to spend some time around here. New Orleans for any night is the greatest party of your life but on Halloween its a special party. In my infinite wisdom I booked a flight back to New York early the next morning – the worst morning of my life. That was a Saturday. I returned to my friend Lou’s apartment and fell fast asleep, at 3 pm, in the same clothes I’d flown in. Sunday morning I awoke to the knowledge of the Bears playing the Detroit Lions, realized I’d need to be in a bar to watch it and thought, “Ugh.” That was the last time BEFORE THIS MORNING I felt that way the morning of a Bears game.

(2) Twice this season the Cowboys offensive line has been over-matched: against Jim Haslett’s all-in blitz assault of the Washington Redskins & entirely against the Philadelphia Eagles. But both teams were creative with their pressure packages, something Mel Tucker has not been accused of in 2014. If ever there was a night for the Bears to send Shea and Bostic at the quarterback half a dozen times each, this is it. (As for the rumors of Shea debuting at middle linebacker tonight…whatever. My issue with Shea is not that he can’t play. My issue is that he can’t stay healthy. So even if he thrives in the middle tonight, expect him on IR by midweek.)

(3) I’ve reached out to anyone and everyone regarding the future of Marc Trestman in Chicago and the consensus belief is he’s returning in 2015. Still I wonder if that remains true with a few more humiliating losses. My general belief is that a decision has already been reached on Trestman’s future and it will take something drastic to alter that. (Selfishly I find myself rooting for a change because it makes my job here at DBB so much more interest in the deep winter if there’s a coaching search.)

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