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| February 21st, 2014

I promised to re-post some of the better comments to the previous approach. I’m doing that today. W

We start, because why not, with gpldan channeling his inner Mamet for a dose of well-timed dramatic comedy in reaction to the recent news that Shea McClellin is moving to linebacker:

Fans: He’d make a good linebacker
Fans: He’s not a very good DE
Bears: He needs to get better but he will
Fans: Ok, he sucks
Bears: He doesn’t suck
Fans: Alex Brown blames him for all the containment issues
Bears: Football is a team sport
Fans: Ok, but maybe he could take Urlacher’s spot
Bears: Ok, well maybe we’ll look at things, and he could be a Sam.
Fans: He’d be better at that
Bears: Shut up
Bears: Ok, he’s a Sam
Fans: He’s a bust, that’s what he is.

I’m not ready to jump on the bust bandwagon just yet (Bust Bandwagon, by the way, is my favorite porn western.) But the time is rapidly approaching. Here are some more fan responses.

From William S:

At this point I’d be pretty surprised if either safety reaches the open market. Up to 50% of this list might not IMO. If one of the safeties is available I’m very interested but I know theres a lot of other teams that will be pursuing them as well so I dunno how that plays out.

If we can’t get a safety I’d like to see us land one DB & one linemen (prioritized based on whose available, too hard to predict now). That should be enough to allow some flexibility in the draft on going mostly best defensive player available and not having to rely too many rookie DBs as day 1 starters.

Irish Sweetness:

BJ Raji ? Hmmmmm. Why not. We need at least one fat bastard on the line. Tired tired tired of having our DL controlled at the LOS because we’re a “fast mobile defense”


Looking at that list Jeff presented is not fair. I really don’t think Emery is going to keep signing FA’s on par with the last couple of years anymore. That’s not how you build a lock solid contender. That’s my take. If Emery spends too much dough, what’s he going to do when players like Alshon come up for renewal? It’s going to be pretty dodgy juggling the FA market with Team needs and future Cap implications.

Big Mike:

The question I have is which position is better solved in Free Agency, vs the draft? A bunch of factors. Which provides a more game ready option? Which fits better with how much you want to spend at each level of the defense? I think Safety in free agency is the better play. We want a stud there on the field day 1. A guy that won’t come off the field. On the defensive line, you can draft 2-3-4 guys. DT, DE, hybrids etc. They’ll be rotational players even if they are rookie of the year candidates.

If you go the other way, you’ve got a safety with a learning curve and a free agent who still is only on the field for a percentage of the plays.

Johnathan Wood:

…I would go for Linval Joseph. Young (25), huge body who is a perfect fit for the hybrid front (you need at least one big DT like that). Should cost probably about $6M a year, which is a good chunk of change but not hugely overpaying like you’d have to for the top non-Hardy DEs. Then look for your DE in round 1 (Ealy), re-sign Wootton, and sign some other veteran DE who will be cheaper yet a competent rotational guy.


my first move would be to… ah screw it. i don’t want to think of something clever. it’s early.

FIRST. actual answer coming later after i poop.

Thanks for playing!

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