Ground Rules for Digesting Training Camp

| July 25th, 2014


Kyle Fuller interception! He’s going to be great!

But Jordan Palmer THREW the interception! Get Jimmy Clausen out there!

These are meant to be written in jest but I can 100% assure you in some miserable cubicle somewhere a Bears fan is following camp updates on Twitter, sweating profusely through his free Joseph A. Bank suit shirt and having these very same thoughts.

Here would be my rules for enjoying the information as it exits Bourbonnais without committing the family savings to its relevance.

#3 Practice Field Results Don’t Matter

There is a simple fact individuals forget when it comes to camp results. For a Bears player to make a positive play, another Bears player needs to make a negative one. Someone must throw the pass on a brilliant interception. Someone must miss the block when a new defensive end gets to the quarterback unabated. When a receiver makes a great catch down the sideline, someone was tasked with covering him.

For instance, Larry Mayer of the Bears Tweeted this:

LM: QB Jordan Palmer hits WR Chris Williams deep down right sideline, beating CB Kyle Fuller.

This is presented by Mayer, who has never Tweeted or written a negative word about the Chicago Bears since a McCaskey started signing his checks. But nly one of those three individuals is going to be depended upon for success in 2014 and it ain’t the first two.

#2 Reps Matter in Total/Location

You will hear this sentence all the time: HE NEEDS THE REPS! Truth is he doesn’t and most veterans throughout the summer don’t even want the reps. But on-field reps are a trend worth considering when it comes to evaluating who will make the roster and at which position the club perceives their value.

If Shea McClellin starts seeing more time at Mike than SLB, that’s worth noting. If Kyle Fuller is seeing more first-team inside than Kelvin Hayden, that’s noteworthy. When Kyle Long starts camp ill and Eben Britton gets those reps at RG, that’s worthy of notation.

Two players I’d keep an eye on are Jordan Lynch and Chris Williams. I get the sense Emery and Trestman want both of these fellas on the roster and expect them to receive every opportunity to find a role.

#1 Trust Nothing Seen By Media & Fans

Each NFL franchise is a storage container of secrets so if you believe these teams would show anything of note to a collection of fans/media, you’re lost. The plays, schemes, formations being displayed for media and fans are the team’s most bland, most vanilla. None of it will correlate to the regular season.

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