Kate Grossman: I Don’t Like You

| July 2nd, 2014


There are some great people working over at the Chicago Sun-Times, most notably friend of the blog and Bears beat man Adam Jahns. But it is impossible to ignore the fact that many of the newsrooms around this country are populated by daft, insignificant morons.

Kate Grossman is one of those. Hell, she might even be two of them. The Sun-Times editor was on some dopey chat show, sliding off her chair at the very thought of a George Lucas museum on the lakefront. The museum would, of course, be the nail in the tailgating coffin for Chicago Bears fans at Soldier Field.

I’ve pulled the quotes from a blog over at ChicagoNow and thank emailer Laura for the notification:

“Neil [Steinberg], you have to remember, what’s there right now [by Soldier Field] is a parking lot…. The fact of the matter is – I drive by there all the time. It is an UGLY parking lot. I HATE football! I DON’T CARE if people are going to lose their tailgating. They are going to add 10 acres of parkland – I think it is going to be an improvement… The Field Museum was started by another rich guy who had a lot of chotchkies in his basement,” Grossman said.

First of all, what the fuck is a beautiful parking lot? It’s a parking lot. They all look exactly the same.

Second, according to Ms. Grossman, there should be no Bears fans in the Bears parking lot. Only Ewok fans. Ewoks, I believe, are some kind of midget bear, making this whole conversation ironic if you share my bizarre view of the world.

The problem with Ms. Grossman is a simple one: she’s an idiot. Only an idiot would phrase their support of a nerd museum by ripping a fan base that is one of the only reasons her newspaper still exists. Going after Bears fans in Chicago is like firing all the Catholics in Vatican City. You’re going to feel pretty damn lonely when you’re through.

Kate don’t gate. So it is easy for her to say, “Fuck the people who do!” I’d just like to see her say in a room full of hardworking, lifelong Bears STHs who cherish their few hours 8 Sundays a year in their ugly parking lot. That would take guts. Moxie. But I have a feeling Grossman possesses neither.

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