Kromer, Cutler, Forte Disassociate Themselves From Marc Trestman with Biting Criticism

| December 1st, 2014


One guy is called the offensive coordinator. Another guys holds the play sheet. The latter, head coach Marc Trestman, faced a firing squad after practice Monday afternoon. From the Twitter feed of the Tribune’s Rich Campbell:

Kromer on why Bears didn’t run down only 10 pts coming out of halftime: That’s a good point. I think that will happen in the future.

Cutler on running game: “Giving the illusion that you’re going to run the ball, it definitely helps.”

Forte on running the ball: “Just because you’re (defense is) ranked in the top doesn’t mean you don’t try it.”

What does it mean? A great deal.

Kromer’s comments were delivered with an almost dismissive smugness. Kromer may hold the title of the offensive coordinator but one can’t help but think this comment is an attempt to disassociate himself from Trestman and perhaps throw his own hat into the ring as the possible future leader of this offense.

Cutler’s comment is a blatant slap of the head coach’s face. The Bears were being openly mocked across the league  on Twitter for continuing to run play action passes without even attempting to run the ball. The Lions showed the run no respect and sat their entire defense in coverage. There’s not a quarterback in the league who can have success in that scenario.

Forte’s comments reflect what I believed watching the game: the Bears coached scared. Just because a team is ranked as the best rush defense in the sport doesn’t mean you completely abandon the run. Trestman’s approach reminded me of Rodgers’ performance in Week One against Seattle and Sherman – a performance he and McCarthy regretted immediately after the game. Forte is a tough player. This was a weak game plan.

This may not be a mutiny but it’s pretty damn close. Once the quarterback and running back have lost faith in the play caller how long does that take to permeate the remainder of the huddle? Has it already?

I’ve yet to be convinced the Bears will move on from Marc Trestman at season’s end. But I’m getting mighty close.

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