Mild, Bemused Reactions to the First Meaningless Summer Exercise

| August 9th, 2014


NFL sold me their Preseason Live package. They might as well have sold me the Brooklyn Bridge. Most of the night the program failed to load. When the program loaded it was awful. I shall keep you up to date on the battle I began with folks at the league last night. Apparently I’m not alone.

A few thoughts…

  • If you’re Martellus Bennett, what are you thinking this morning? You are away from the team because you’re an insane person and last night you watched two tight ends with a tenth of your ability – Rosario and Miller – flourish in what should have been your role. Maybe, I don’t know, stop being crazy, apologize and get yourself back to practice.
  • Anybody can look at the numbers and state Jimmy Clausen played well. But what struck me was how confident he looked from the second he walked onto the field. He was lost throughout his tenure in Carolina. He looked like he didn’t belong in the NFL. Last night he looked like he very much did.

  • Anybody else intrigued by how jubilant the Chicago media and fans were at Josh McCown’s struggles last night? I’m rooting for the guy to succeed.
  • Boy, Nick Foles looked a mess.
  • I’ve said it many times but there is 0% chance Tress Way beats Pat O’Donnell for the starting punter gig. POD’s ability to bomb the ball through the end zone from seemingly anywhere on the field is too valuable an asset to a team that hasn’t fielded a professional punter in a few years.
  • My long snapping panic seems to have been unwarranted.
  • Apparently the defensive line was the star of the evening. I won’t be able to see this until the game is replayed this afternoon on NFL Network. Rich Campbell does a nice job evaluating that unit HERE.
  • Positive plays from safeties should not be overlooked but Ryan Mundy’s interception had very little to do with him.
  • I may have a Chris Williams Boner. Williams displayed the type of ability last night I’ve been dying to see from the third Bears receiver. When the Rams had Holt and Bruce dominating on the outside, Az Hakim thrived inside because his speed was something opposing defenses had trouble handling. Williams could do that in Chicago but he must stay healthy.

I’ll have more once I have an opportunity to watch the entire game. If you missed it last night due to Preseason Live’s meltdown or Fox in Chicago being Fox in Chicago it’ll air on NFL Network at 1 pm EST.

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