New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears – Monday Workday & Monday Night Football Thread

| December 15th, 2014


Some Final Thoughts…

1 – Have read in multiple places the Bears now have an opportunity to utilize Marquess Wilson more prominently in the game plan due to the absence of Brandon Marshall. Poppycock. Wilson should be utilized in the exact same manner he would have been were Marshall healthy. Bears are already making a terrible decision by changing the positions of Jon Bostic and Christian Jones in the name of, to paraphrase Trestman, “less disruption”. All three should spend the final weeks of 2014 playing the positions they are projected to play in September of 2015.

2 – Josh Bellamy should start tonight for the Bears and Cutler should target him. When I watched Bellamy play against Cleveland this summer he handled first-round pick Justin Gilbert with ease. (I was so convinced by Bellamy I expected him to spend the year on the Browns roster.) I think he’s a pro.

3 – So now every time the Bears run the ball unsuccessfully, media and fans will question whether the blame belongs to the blockers and back or if Cutler should have checked out. That is the damage done by Aaron Kromer. That is why its inexcusable he is still a member of the coaching staff. (Do you think Tom Coughlin would still have Kromer around? John Harbaugh?)

4 – If I were Mel Tucker, either Fuller or Jennings is full-time on Jimmy Graham tonight. Hit him at the line of scrimmage, stay with him and utilize a safety over the top. But one of the Bears two best coverage guys shouldn’t leave his side.

5 – Expect the Saints to rush for 150 yards plus. As I’ve written before, run defense is about passion, desire and want to. There just can’t be much of those remaining in the locker room, especially as scores get lopsided.

6 – My disdain for the popular Chicago columnists is making me a bigger Jay Cutler fan than I actually am. I hope he puts on a show tonight and forces these jackasses to write their pathetic “too little, too late” columns in the morning.

7 – I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bears lose by three touchdowns. One of the teams playing tonight cut and demoted players for under-performing this week in the name of accountability and the pursuit of a division title. The other team excused a man for sharing inside secrets with the NFL Network. Who would you think has more motivation?

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