Road Map Lost: Trestman Tenure Should End

| November 28th, 2014

Note: This column is being written at the tail end of a Thanksgiving evening that featured plenty of beer and too plenty pumpkin pie.

Someone wrote this, when discussing the road map for Marc Trestman to keep his position as head coach of the Chicago Bears:

Step #2. Trestman’s Bears deliver a spirited effort on Thanksgiving. This will be the next time the Bears receive any national attention. It would be imperative from a public relations perspective for the Bears to (a) not embarrass themselves and (b) show the fight and passion missing from their efforts against New England and Green Bay. In many ways beating the Lions on Thanksgiving and moving to .500 would not only be a saving face performance but it might also create optimism around the coach’s potential to lead this organization into the future.

None of that happened. Road map lost. Marc Trestman’s career, as head coach of the Chicago Bears, should be over.

That’s right. I’ve never called for the firing of the head coach in my time running this site. I’ve never said a man should be removed from his job, his family displaced, his life altered in a startlingly negative way. But that is now over. The Bears have the wrong man leading their organization and they must replace him before a single decision is made in the 2015 off-season.


The offense doesn’t work. The Bears delivered their most gutless offensive performance of my lifetime Thursday in Detroit. It is one thing to not be able to execute against a good defense. It is another thing to not attempt executing against that defense. Trestman chose the latter.

The defense? No one in the world thinks Trestman has any knowledge of how it operates or why it fails. Do you think Tom Coughlin has so little knowledge about half his team? Belichick? Harbaugh? Head coaches run the team in its entirety. Does Trestman know Ego Ferguson’s number?

The Bears have played the Packers twice, Dolphins, Pats and Lions. Those are the only good teams they’ve played all season. They have been noncompetitive in every game.

Is more required?

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