Three Thoughts on the Bears Stealth Signing of Defensive End Jared Allen

| March 26th, 2014



Sean Jensen received a text from Jared Allen stating the Bears push “came out of nowhere”. We’ve gotten used to that approach from Phil Emery during his short Chicago Bears tenure. Here are a few thoughts on the signing.

  • The Bears added two defensive ends in free agency who excel in run support but are a bit lacking when it comes to pressures, disruptions, sacks. Now they’ve added one of the best 4-3 pass rushers in the sport. I’m not a huge of fan of big contracts to veteran defenders but the Bears needed sacks and they bought some. With the welcome return of Izzy Idonije Bears now have talent and depth at end.
  • I’ve said many times I thought the Emery/Trestman regime would yield a championship contender in 2015. I still believe that, which is why I think it’s important to note the Bears gave Allen a second guaranteed year. Bears still have two gaping holes at safety and question marks at both linebacker and defensive tackle. But expectations for 2014, barring major injuries, should be no less than a playoff appearance.
  • Kyle Long in 2013. Jared Allen in 2014. The Bears have added something I always thought they lacked in the Lovie Smith era: tough guys. They added some bloody noses. Some alley fighters. And while I can’t stand Jared Allen off the field, I’ll have little issue rooting for him on it.

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