Whew…It was just a preseason game

| August 23rd, 2014

  •  In 2013, the Detroit Lions beat the New England Patriots 40-9, the St. Louis Rams led the Denver Broncos 20-10 at halftime and Seahawks star Russell Wilson threw two interceptions as his team struggled to move the ball, heading into halftime tied 3-3 with the Packers. Those were all the supposedly important third preseason games. See what I’m getting at there?
  • Seattle is better than the Bears right now. They’re better than everybody right now. Who was the best team three weeks into preseason last year? Not Seattle, New England or Denver. The season is long, a lot will happen between now and January.

  • The Bears offensive starters looked pissed at halftime. Of course they did, they’re competitors. But there was very little game planning. One of the Bears strength’s is that their coach is great at designing gameplans, they didn’t use that strength in this game. Or any preseason game.
  • They also had a lot that just didn’t go their way. Cutler had three passes (two on one drive) that very easily could’ve been touchdowns, but they weren’t. One was dropped, one was inches short and the other was taken away on a bogus penalty.
  • Pete Carroll took this game more seriously than Trestman. He had his star safety returning punts, his star receiver returning kicks and challenged a catch in the fourth quarter. He kept his starting offense and defense in against the Bears backup units. Trestman talked about taking the game seriously, but also said they’d only game plan “a little.”
  • Ultimately, preseasons are glorified practices, teams use them to improve. The Bears have some good film to use to improve.
  • If the NFL does stick with these “points of emphasis” in the regular season, they will ruin the game. That pass interference call on Marshall…I mean, seriously?
  • It was funny when so many started bashing Cutler for not checking down to Forte on a third down. Because they want Forte to take unnecessary hits?
  • I’d have to take another look at the tape, but I think it’s safe to say every defender will get a failing grade from the coaches? Maybe not Willie Young, but I’m not even so sure on that one.
  • Keep in mind the Bears were without two key defenders in Jared Allen and Kyle Fuller. I also don’t think they’ve played their starting safeties yet. To beat Seattle in Seattle at any point, the Bears — and every other team in the league — have to be at their best.
  • Chris Conte is the best safety this team has. I’m not even complimenting Conte, Emery didn’t do a good job of improving the competition at that position. Of course, now Conte has a concussion. It will be hard for him to win the job if he can’t stay on the field.
  • Why do the Bears even bother with blocking tight ends? Just play an extra tackle like they did last year.
  • Jordan Palmer is not a good player. This isn’t Josh McCown all over again, McCown had talent.
  • I still don’t get why Kelvin Hayden is on the roster. Is there anything he’s good at?
  • If Morgan Michael Spurlock is going to kneel on the ball while trying to win the job as the team’s kick returner, maybe he doesn’t deserve it. Then again, who else is taking the job?
  • I’m less worried about the Bears special teams than everyone else. They still don’t know who will be playing on each unit when the season starts. They started poorly last year too. Of course, Dave Toub never started poorly, but he’s the best special teams coach to ever exist.
  • Seattle has a lot more depth than the Bears because they’ve hit in recent drafts and with some undrafted free agents. The Bears don’t have even a good success rate at either, even under Emery.

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