A Chip Shot From .500 (Rapid Fire)

| December 7th, 2015

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This was the type of performance many expected from the Chicago Bears this season. Ugly. But did anyone expect the Bears could play a game this poorly and still be in position to win? Well, they should have won. Rapid fire…

  • Is it time to worry about Robbie Gould? It certainly could be. He didn’t just miss two short field goals that would have won this game. He dead shanked them both. The coachspeak approach will have fans yelling “Bears didn’t lose this game because of the missed field goals” but you know what? They did.
  • Welcome to the NFL, Eddie Goldman. That was a dominant performance.
  • When did Willie Young become the Bears most dominant edge rusher again?
  • Kyle Fuller is a special player when the play is in front of him.
  • No clue what Fox and Fangio thought the Niners offensive approach would be but they looked thoroughly unprepared for all the things I saw in amateur tape study early last week.
  • The point above may be unfair, mind you. A lot of that responsibility would have been on the linebackers and the guys in the middle have looked lost in coverage.
  • 36 yards is now an extra point! Robbie essentially missed an extra point to win a game. Inexcusable. Gould has been a good one but I hate kickers.

  • The praise train should slow a bit for Adam Gase. His play calling is pretty darn predictable and the Niners have a pick six to prove it.
  • Bad game overall for Jay Cutler. He missed two deep throws for touchdowns he normally doesn’t miss. Just seemed off.
  • But once again the offense was at its best when Cutler was avoiding the rush, stepping up and throwing downfield.
  • Jeremy Langford is going to be a star. But he has to learn to catch. He should start by using his hands.
  • Great job by the Bears return game and punter. Would have been their best special team effort of the season by a mile if Robbie Gould didn’t choke the game away.
  • Adrian Amos will learn from his mistake on the Gabbert touchdown run. Hit him. Don’t worry if you think he’s going to slide. Hit him. You HAVE TO keep them out of the end zone. That’s the only goal.
  • The overtime blown coverage happens. I’m surprised they don’t happen more with this secondary.

They missed a kick. Played horribly, yes, but when you’re facing an extra point to win a game…you expect to win. Especially with one of the most accurate kickers in history involved. They missed a kick. And their playoff dreams died with that shanked ball.

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