A Few Random Thoughts During an NFL Slow Period

| March 24th, 2015


Thought #1. Bears should meet the $4M a year demand for Stefan Wisniewski. Per a report from Brad Biggs in the Tribune:

Wisniewski is recovering from shoulder surgery after last season when he played with a torn labrum. The former second-round pick of the Raiders has made visits to the Seahawks and Bucs, and the Rams and Chiefs are also known to be interested. No team has been willing to meet his request of $4 million per season and it could be he winds up on a one- or two-year prove-it contract. At this point, it would be a mistake to rule out the Bears.

Wisniewski is young and talented and the kind of physical presence needed to anchor a John Fox offensive line. An interior offensive line of Slauson-Wiz-Long would set a new tone on the that side of the ball.

Thought #2. Jarvis Jenkins and Mason Foster are smart, short-term solutions on defense. No, neither of these players is going to the Pro Bowl. No, neither of these players are going to make Bears fans forget Dan Hampton or Dick Butkus. But they would be a solid, professional additions to a defensive unit desperate for such. (I’m assuming Mason Foster ultimately ends up in Chicago.)

Thought #3. Enough with Brian Urlacher. Why is it every time this guy talks the Chicago media rush to print every word? Does anybody actually care anymore? Urlacher has seemingly done the impossible: made a fan base that loved him unconditionally find conditions.

Thought #4. Every human being should spend a weekend in New Orleans. That is, unless you don’t like food, drink and fun. If you don’t like any of those three things you should go to Detroit instead.

Thought #5. Presented without Comment: I think Jay Cutler is about to have a big season in Chicago. Okay, a few comments. (A) I think the Bears are going to become a 65-35 run team. (B) I think the Eddie Royal acquisition signals a commitment to a low-risk/high-reward passing game that will ask less of Cutler mentally. (C) I think Cutler fully understands that 2015 may be his last season as a starting quarterback in the NFL if he does not limit his turnovers. That has never been the case before. (D) Adam Gase wants to be an NFL head coach and he knows a productive Cutler 2015 guarantees him a head gig in 2016.

Thought #6. Are we sure Iowa tackle Brandon Scherff shouldn’t be the Bears selection with the seventh pick? I’ve watched a lot of Scherff on tape. He’s a top NFL tackle.

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