Across The Middle with Andrew Dannehy

| October 7th, 2015

• Sitting in the Kapow Terrace in the north end zone, my favorite part of watching the game in person was watching Cutler go through his reads and the way he moved in the pocket. The touchdown pass to Martellus Bennett was 100 percent Cutler. The way he manipulated the defense was brilliant. That’s why the fourth quarter interception didn’t make sense. He was one step ahead all game and all he needed to do was go to his next read and he would have found Eddie Royal all by himself, likely for a touchdown. He had done it all game, why not on that play?

• All three of Cutler’s interceptions this year have been on passes attempted to Bennett. Is that coincidence? Bennett’s lackadaisical attitude on passes headed his way has to drive the coaching staff nuts.

• Last point on Cutler: The Bears coaching staff loves him. Absolutely, positively loves him.

• When is the last time the Bears have had a receiver who can do what Royal can do after the catch? He’s going to become more dangerous when they get receivers who can stretch the field playing with him.

• The Bears want one big play a week from Marquess Wilson and Wilson has delivered in his only two games with a competent quarterback.

This Still Doesn’t Make Sense

The Bears have scored 49 points in the first halves of their games this season and just 19 in the second half, seven of which came in garbage time. If Adam Gase is as great of an offensive mind as we think he is, why can’t the Bears score in the second half? Good coaches come into games with good game plans, great coaches adjust during the game.

Player of the Week

Robbie Gould. If it was just the game-winning 49-yard kick, Gould wouldn’t win, but he drilled the 54 yarded earlier in the fourth quarter on a very windy day. You can count me among those who were skeptical about Gould after he struggled last year and early in the preseason this year, but I was wrong. He’s still among the best in the league.

Goat of the Week

Latavius Murray. Does anyone in the league have worse hands? He cost his team two turnovers by not making easy catches.

Bold Prediction for Week 5

Wilson is going to build off of last week’s game with a long touchdown against Kansas City.

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