Across The Middle with Andrew Dannehy

| October 21st, 2015


• Before we make Adam Gase the head coach of the Dolphins or anyone else, can we at least have him fix the red zone offense? The spread-style scheme he runs is great at getting the Bears close, but they still need to be able to power it in the end zone once they’re there. It’s more difficult to create mismatches when the defense doesn’t have to cover as much space.

• It’s not all on Gase. The Bears have been getting their butts kicked at the point of attack when the other team is able to play their base or goal line defenses. You also saw Cutler miss a throw to Royal and Marty Bennett drop a perfect throw, both would’ve been touchdowns. Players have to make plays.

• Jeffrey didn’t look healthy or in shape, but his ability to make big plays down the field was something the Bears offense needed. It will be interesting to see what he can do when he’s 100 percent. If he wants that top-wide receiver money, however, he has to not lose jump balls in the lights.

• The Bears defense is still ranked ninth in yardage allowed, see how useless of a stat that is? Opposing passers have thrown 15 touchdowns to just three interceptions against the Bears and they’re giving up 4.5 yards per carry. This is a bad defense. I don’t know how they’ll get better this year.

• Is it possible that Jim Caldwell knew John Fox would go uber-conservative, so he knew he’d get the ball back after kicking the field goal? In turn, Caldwell was being smart and going for the win, knowing they’d have to score a touchdown regardless. Is that giving Caldwell too much credit?

• Before the game, I thought (and tweeted) that we would find out a lot about the Bears and I think we did. This isn’t a good team. A good team beats the Lions by 10.

This Still Doesn’t Make Sense

You know what makes John Fox’s decision to trust his defense even more idiotic? Go back to the Bears last two wins. Two weeks ago, they allowed the Raiders to drive from their own six for a chip-shot field goal that gave them the lead. If Jeremy Maclin makes an easy catch against Kansas City, the Chiefs suddenly have a makable 56-yard attempt, instead of a 66-yarder. The Bears defense has not demonstrated the ability to hold a lead, why rely on them to do so? You know who has shown he can win games: Jay Cutler. Just let him do it.

Player of the Week

Cutler. It certainly seemed that he would’ve gotten Caldwell’s vote as he said “It was tough to stop Cutler. He did a nice job moving around, making plays and he was rather elusive. We couldn’t get our hands on him enough times and he kept putting the ball down the field and getting in scoring range in a number of ways.” If Cutler keeps winning this award, it’s not a good sign for the Bears. They need to help the quarterback out more.

Goat of the Week

Fox is the popular choice, but how about Vic Fangio? The way he continuously left Megatron in one-on-one coverage with a guy who is barely in the league in Tracy Porter is just confusing. I get that Porter has been playing well, but this is a once-a-decade wide receiver. Use two guys. Then, of course, in overtime, Johnson found himself one-on-one with undrafted rookie Harold Jones-Quartey. The rookie didn’t have a chance.

Bold Prediction for Week 7

The Bears won’t lose.

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