Audibles From the Long Snapper: Around the League We Go!

| December 22nd, 2015


Around the League We Go!

(1) Rex Ryan has many flaws as a head coach but he’d never lost his locker room until this season. His defense has quit on him and that side of the roster is going to see massive turnaround this off-season. Rex took the best collection of pass rushers in the sport and neutered them.

(2) Odell Beckham Jr. is an asshole but I love the people criticizing Tom Coughlin for not benching him. Coughlin is coaching for his playoff life and you want him to bench his best player? There’s a time to seize the moral high ground. Sunday wasn’t it.

(3) When faced with the prospect of a playoff spot, the Bucs & Bears faded. But I’d be surprised if both teams aren’t fighting for playoff berths a year from now. They both need very specific personnel upgrades.

(4) Does any player so consistently and obviously kill his coaches more than Aaron Rodgers? It seems to happen every week now. “We don’t have a clear cut direction”? The week after the head coach takes over the play calling?

(5) Doesn’t it seem like EVERYBODY on the Cardinals roster makes plays? Their receivers dive for every single ball. When’s the last time a Bears receiver dove for something?

(6) Somebody tell NBC we don’t need the “seconds between plays” clock for the Eagles anymore. Nobody cares how fast you run plays if you’re a shitty offense running shitty plays.

(7) If you’re going by offensive performance, I don’t see how Adam Gase isn’t behind Hue Jackson, Josh McDaniels, Mike Shula and even Todd Haley on the head coaching pecking order. (Haley is the architect of the league’s most dynamic and exciting unit: the Steelers offense.)

(8) Honestly had no idea Brandon Weeden was on the Texans. And I can’t imagine the folks in charge of Indianapolis can survive losing the division, at home, to him.

(9) Minnesota and Green Bay are going to play in the wild card round. So how much value will they place in a possible week seventeen match up for the division title? Will home field for that game be enough of a motivating factor?

(10) Say the Chiefs stay in the 5th slot. Then say they win easily in Houston (which they will). Then say they head to Cincinnati. You’re telling me they can’t win that game? And doesn’t everyone think Pittsburgh is as good as New England? I’m calling it: Pittsburgh at Kansas City for the AFC Championship Game.

Yes, I’m quite excited for this postseason. Can’t remember a year where I thought as many as 9 teams can win it all.

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