Audibles From the Long Snapper: Making Scoreons Happen, Prestigious Jobs, Marshall & More!

| January 22nd, 2015


DBB Coins a New Term

From Twitter, yesterday:

Many like to use the phrase “meatball” to describe a certain kind of fan. In Chicago I am going to refer to those people as “Score-ons”.

It is on all of us to make this phrase happen.


Because I tend not to forget and choose to hold others accountable, from the opening of a New Year’s Eve piece in the Tribune by Brad Biggs:

In announcing the massive housecleaning Monday at Halas Hall, President Ted Phillips called the Bears’ head coaching job prestigious.

He stands nearly alone in that opinion in light of a Tribune poll of NFL front-office employees and coaches who ranked the Bears barely above the Raiders in terms of attractiveness.

Quarterback concerns left the Jets at the bottom, but the Bears job wasn’t considered much better even with Jay Cutler, the passer in whom they have invested so much money and whom Chairman George McCaskey said he is a fan of personally and professionally. Elsewhere, Cutler is classified as a coach killer.

The Bears landed an in-demand (young) GM, a head coach who has been to two Super Bowls, the best defensive coach on the market and an offensive coordinator who interviewed for just about every head coaching vacancy. Rumors have it that if the Bears job were prestigious, Vince Lombardi would have climbed out of his grave and agreed to a five-year, $35 million contract.

Three Thoughts on Brandon Marshall

  • After what we saw on the field in 2014 is Marshall really being criticized for his postgame tirade in the aftermath of the Dolphins game? Isn’t it possible that Marshall, a competitor, saw on the field that day what was to come from this group of players for the remainder of the season? The effort the Bears showed that day, at home, was pathetic beyond reason. Marshall seems to have been the only player concerned. If he threatened to fight half the roster I’d have said “good on ya.” The coach surely wasn’t going to raise his voice.
  • As for Marshall’s behavior being enough to show him the door…what are we, children? Is this kindergarten? Remember the ’85 Bears, idol-worshiped across Chicagoland? Marshall would be a boyscout in that locker room. That team seemed to have a roster rule, enforced by the head coach, that if you’re driving home you first must have half a dozen cocktails. And don’t get me started on Olin Kreutz, the Bears’ celebrated leader and gun range criminal.
  • And while the Scoreons continue to assassinate his character, Marshall continues to be an advocate for mental health issues desperate for the type of attention he provides. Here is his recent PSA:


DBB co-founder Noah Brier and the great Shady sat beside me in a blizzard at Soldier Field on December 12, 2010. We “watched” as Tom Brady impossibly delivered bullet after bullet, carving up what was a solid Bears defense. Nobody understood how he could be that effective in those conditions? Question. Don’t the revelations of the last week at least make you think about all those great Brady-in-snow performances?

What Did John Fox Say?

This video was sent to me by @DaSuperfan & @DaSuperfanss on Twitter. Is it great? No. Did it make me laugh when I had a few beers in me? Sure did. (Sadly I didn’t even know what the video was spoofing. New pop music isn’t exactly my thing.) Nothing wrong with promoting some fans who put in the effort to entertain.

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