Audibles From the Long Snapper: Shea Needed, Random Thoughts & Halloween!

| October 27th, 2015



Yes, Shea McClellin is still learning a new position in the middle of a complicated defense. And yes, Antrel Rolle is on the flipside of his football playing coin. But both are pivotal when it comes to essential elements of playing defense in the NFL. Per Friend of the Blog Adam Jahns:

“Shea McClellin, obviously, getting him back in there at some point, as well as Antrel, from a leadership standpoint, getting guys lined up and understanding how to execute our defense is key,” Fox said. “We’ve got some guys that we’re leaning on right now that will just get better with time until those guys can get back in the lineup.”

If McClellin returns and the defense improves, expect him in the lineup beyond January 3, 2015.


(1) Am I the only person completely uninterested in the drama surrounding Ratliff’s release? If this were a Bears team on the precipice of winning a title and Ratliff was a key component, fine. But any time Ratliff spends in the middle of the defense is time he’s taking from Eddie Goldman. Who cares if he yelled at somebody?

(2) When people say things like “the Bears are in massive need of a rebuild” I just laugh. Look around the NFL. There are very few top level teams. A one-win Baltimore team was every bit as good as a five-win Arizona team last night. The trick is getting into the tournament and the Bears are one solid offseason from being a contender for that.


Bears have been in similar situations. But their quarterback has delivered each time.

Happy Halloween!

What is the most popular Halloween candy in your state?


Some thoughts:

  • They still make the 100 Grand bar, Minnesota? Someone tell that state there have been terrific advances in candy since the mid-century.
  • Will always be surprised by the popularity of candy corn. It’s just disgusting.
  • How about Arizona going with the Upper East Side of chocolate, Toblerone? Who knew how much class resided in the southwest?
  • I mean, Georgia…Pixy Stix?

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