Bears Beat Bucs, Put Sixth in Win Column (Rapid Fire)

| December 28th, 2015

Bears won their sixth game. Is it the biggest win in franchise history? Of course not. But a glance at their sideline as the clock wound down Sunday proved how important this win was for them. Loss after loss was tiring a staff and roster that knew they were improving but needed some tangible evidence. Rapid fire…

  • Adam Gase has a bully offensive line and a trio of talented running backs. Why does it seem like he runs the ball against his will? It sure seems like he’d prefer to throw those awful bubble screens on first down instead of pounding Langford behind Kyle Long.
  • My lord is Kyle Long something in short yardage. When is the last time the Bears had an offensive lineman who could move multiple defenders at the goal line?
  • John Timu, still making plays.
  • Pernell McPhee wants it. I get that. But why the hell are Pace and Fox marching him out there? Rich Campbell pointed out to me on Twitter that doctors have assured the Bears McPhee can’t do more damage to his knee but what about the rest of his body? He’s running at 8% speed! (He’s also a substantial financial investment. Why not protect it?)
  • If Kevin White turns out to be a star the Bears grabbed two first round picks in the 2015 draft. Eddie Goldman is that good.

  • Thought Hroniss Grasu had a terrific rebound game before his injury. But the Bears look REALLY good with Matt Slauson at center.
  • Opportunities have been there for these bottom of the roster receivers and the only one to make plays is Marc Mariani.
  • Bears should sit down with Martellus Bennett and talk to him. Bennett/Miller is too good a tight end combination to casually blow off.
  • Can we all agree that Jay Cutler shouldn’t be throwing screens near a crowded line of scrimmage? I’d like to see the Bears put this in writing.
  • Most surprising part of game? Doug Martin had 17 carries for 49 yards and a long of 9. Run defense attacked the ball like they hadn’t all season long. Inspired performance.
  • Can’t imagine the coaching staff didn’t see what I saw watching the run defense: they don’t need Shea McClellin anymore.
  • Good kick by Robbie Gould. Needed a long, tough kick in an important money and got one.
  • Langford/Carey backfield is a bright future for the Bears backfield and I love them playing at the same time, especially in short yardage.
  • Tracy Porter has amazing timing with that swat move of his. But what the hell was that angle he took on the Sims touchdown? I think we know one player who is never moving to safety.
  • Quietly, Pat O’Donnell had a really nice day punting the ball.
  • Harold Jones-Quartey making plays all over the field blew my mind. The coaching being done by this defensive staff all season long has been extraordinary. Fox. Fangio. Donatell. All of em.

Bears finish at home with a chance to improve two games on last season’s record and head into the offseason on an upbeat note. I’ll be there.

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