Bears Lose Their Eighth. (Rapid Fire)

| December 14th, 2015

Bears started awful and their comeback fell short. This season now OFFICIALLY becomes about next season. Rapid. Fire.

  • Robbie Gould didn’t miss the game-tying field goal because of the conditions. He missed the game-tying field goal because he pushed the ball right. And Robbie – being a scratch golfer – knows what’s going on. He has the yips. The question is how long do the Bears wait to see if he comes out of them.
  • And no, this game isn’t on Robbie. But that’s the less important note. Bears now have a serious question mark at a position they didn’t expect.
  • Jay Cutler is terrific. With his receiving corps decimated and offensive line no-showing Sunday, he kept his team alive and gave them a chance to win. Love to see Jay play with some healthy receivers.
  • Shea McClellin was horrendous. He was in position to make multiple plays and allowed backs to run over him. Bears need to address this position on day one of the draft.
  • Kyle Long. Sheesh. Give you a pass, buddy, but you don’t get many.

  • Now Matt Forte can’t catch the ball?
  • Don’t understand the Bears defensive approach to start the game. Kirk Cousins didn’t have a difficult throw in the first half.
  • Josh Bellamy. Catch the punt.
  • Sherrick McManis has now proven he doesn’t belong playing professional corner in the league, right? Can we abandon this experiment? Bears aren’t deep enough in the secondary to drop starting corners.
  • Eddie Goldman should have watched what Terrance Knighton did today. That’s his future.
  • Now that the bubble screen has been sniffed out by opponents and is no longer in the Bears arsenal, can you name a single discernible element of Adam Gase’s offense? Outside of the Rams game – where screens went exclusively for 70 yards – the Bears offense has thrived when Cutler breaks the pocket and makes a play.
  • Zach Miller is a heck of a player. Would love to see him heathy next year, playing alongside the full collection of Bears receivers.
  • Bad snap. Full protection breakdown. Cutler sidearms a screen that goes for a first down. Probably my favorite play by Cutler all season.

Dissecting these games is a bit pointless. The truth of the Chicago Bears in 2015 is they don’t make enough plays. The reason is they don’t have enough playmakers. Every game they play is a coin flip. Add more talent, season the young talent and complete another year of this program and one would expect the Bears to win more games than they lose in 2016.

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