Bears Lose to Vikings & Playoff Visions Fade: Rapid Fire

| November 2nd, 2015

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Predictably boring. And for the fourth straight game the Bears were essentially dead even with their opponent, got a wonderful performance from their quarterback and the game was decided at the death. Rapid fire…

  • Feel bad for Jeremy Langford. If he catches the ball, Bears can do no worse than overtime and knowing Cutler’s season, they probably win in regulation. Other than that moment Langford looks like a real back with a great burst through the hole.
  • Tom Brady aside, Jay Cutler is the best fourth quarter QB in the sport right now. (Brady is the best everything.)
  • If the Bears faced a better quarterback yesterday Mike Wallace might have had a career game. How wide open does Teddy Bridgewater need him to be?
  • So how is Pernell McPhee’s sack on Bridgewater NOT a penalty? Isn’t that 100% always called now? He could have broken his leg.
  • Fact that McPhee continues to produce with no help is astounding. How good is this guy gonna be when the opponent has to block someone else too?
  • I think Alshon Jeffery is going to get his money.

  • Still have no idea how Cutler completed that pass to Mariani. Still don’t understand what he saw that provoked him to throw the ball there.
  • Welcome to the NFL, Eddie Goldman. Can’t go invisible in games like that.
  • Robbie Gould doesn’t like beating the Vikings.
  • You tell me if Kyle Fuller is any good. I have no idea. At least he made a play!
  • Offensive game plan in the first half was an embarrassment. You don’t coach scared because of a makeshift offensive line. You run your offense and let the quarterback play. Adam Gase is receiving an awful lot of praise for his work with Jay Cutler. I’m not sure Cutler shouldn’t be praised for making Gase look good.
  • Soldier Field turf continues to be the bigger embarrassment.
  • Adrian Peterson rushed for 100 yards. But doesn’t it seem like rushing plays against this defense are wasted downs? Every single pass play has the potential to score against this secondary. Every single one. If I was coaching against the Bears I’m throwing it 50 times.
  • If you expected Antrel Rolle to make a smart play in coverage you haven’t followed Antrel Rolle’s career.

2-5. Talk of staying in contention can now fade away. Bears most be focused on building towards 2016. The way you build confidence? Win as many games as possible.

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