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| December 11th, 2015

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(Battling a demon virus this week so the game preview is abbreviated.)

Robbie Gould let the wind out of the sails of Bears fans last Sunday, shanking a game-winning chip shot worse than early 2015 Tiger Woods. But I’d expect the crowd to be fired up for the Redskins Sunday – a team that desperately needs the game.


On the last bar stool to the left he sat,

For fifteen years in an orange and blue hat

A power lifter and reverend to his right,

And an endless amount of draught Coors Light

Fifteen years goes by in a blink

With the same stool, same people, same drink

Yesterday it was a title he’d choose

Now he’d like em to win as many as they lose


  • Washington is every bit as bad a road team as San Francisco, losing all five of their road games by a combined 162-86.
  • Injuries across the defensive front (Stephen Paea, Jason Hatcher…etc) have severely limited the Redskins pass rush. On Monday night against the wretched Matt Cassel the ‘Skins managed just a single sack and (by my count) no additional hits. If they couldn’t muster a rush in that must-win, prime time affair, you’d have to be surprised to see them come after Cutler consistently Sunday.
  • Kirk Cousins at home and Kirk Cousins on the road are vastly different individuals.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.49.08 PM


It’s a football team. Why not just change it? Seriously, who gives a shit? I find the whole idea of these teams having mascots at all ridiculous. Oh, it’s the Chicago BEARS! They’re a bunch of a guys. Why are they bears?


Jackson is a game-breaking return man and while the Bears have been far better in coverage the last few weeks, I’m not ready to completely buy into the reformation. If Pat O’Donnell gives Jackson multiple chances to beat the Bears, there’s a good chance he’ll do it.

And here is the greatest moment of his career:


  • Will any Bears fan not be concerned when Robbie Gould lines up for his first field goal Sunday? Hell, won’t you be concerned when he lines up for his first extra point? Do I believe Gould is done as Bears kicker? No. Could I change my mind over the next four weeks? Yes.
  • Adrian Amos is coming off his worst game of the season (as are the Bears, really, if you don’t count James Clausen’s  involvement). We have seen players – Fuller, Goldman, Houston – rebound off poor performances all year. Amos needs to do the same or we will all be reading about the “rookie wall” on Monday morning.
  • The Redskins want to run the ball. A lot. The Bears have struggled to stop it all season. Shea McClellin has the confidence of the coaching staff while drawing media and fan skepticism. Honestly, for his first year at the position, he’s been mediocre. And I expect the Bears to bring him back. But no player on this defense could use a strong final month more than McClellin.


Bears didn’t respond when a chance to have a season was within their grasp. They harness the frustration of one week ago and grind out a much-needed home win.

Chicago Bears 23, Washington Redskins 18

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