John Fox, Chicago Bears Head Coach

| January 16th, 2015

bear fox

John Fox is not a flawless head coach. But the Chicago Bears are coming off a 2014 debacle defined by locker room meltdowns, traitorous coach leaks, endless primetime blowouts and a lack of any and all competitive fight. The organization, more than savvy play-calling or altered scheme, was desperate for stability. Fox is thirty games over .500 as a head coach. He is well-respected across the NFL landscape. He will build a top tier, professional staff. (Including the most exciting candy in the pinata, Kyle Shanahan.)

Stability has arrived.

Perhaps most importantly, John Fox will lead the locker room. There will be no more questions of accountability or articles written about the head coach addressing his players from the back of the room. The Chicago Bears will blow their horns to the tempo of Fox’s baton. And whilst hiring him does not guarantee topping Aaron Rodgers in the NFC North, it does guarantee the Bears return to respectability.

So welcome, Coach Fox, to a proud franchise. Welcome to a fan base desperate for the kind of toughness that came to define your teams throughout tenures in Carolina and Denver. Welcome to a city that rewards its champions with a lifetime of applause – muted in winter through thick, wool mittens – and more endorsement money than your pockets can hold.  (Not to mention radios shows, restaurants…etc.)

Welcome. Now win.

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