Law Firm of Cutler, Porter & Gould: Rapid Fire Reaction to the Bears Finally Getting on the Board

| October 5th, 2015

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It was only one win but it felt like six. Thoughts:

  • This was the classic Jay Cutler performance, even without proper usage of his legs. He moved the team up and down the field, behind a makeshift offensive line and without his top wide receiver. He threw one stupid pass. But with the game on the line and the ball in his hands he drove the Bears to their first victory of the season.
  • Cutler continues to be a winning quarterback when the Bears play defense. The model isn’t brain surgery, folks. Cutler is not a shootout-type quarterback. There are only about five of those in the league and he isn’t one of them.
  • Losing Will Montgomery can’t be overstated. NFL teams have collapsed under the weight of losing their starting center. But the Bears used their third round pick on center Hroniss Grasu this year. If he’s not moved into the starting lineup this week, one wonders how far off the kid is from playing?
  • Still not sure I understand Matt Forte picking up 25 carries while Rodgers and Langford total 3.
  • Hated how John Fox handled the ends of both halves. In the first half, once the Bears sack Carr on first down, Fox has to use the first timeout. He gave away a clear scoring chance. At the end of the game, who plays for a 49-yard field goal? I don’t care how good Robbie Gould is kicking right now – and he might be at his career best – there was far too much time to get ultra-conservative with the game on the line.

  • Cutler pick was a stupid throw. But doesn’t it seem like the receivers on all the other teams fight for the football? Does anybody on the Bears do that?
  • When coaches look at the tape they’re going to see that Kyle Long played a hell of a game.
  • How many penalties does Vlad Ducasse need to commit before the Bears yank him off the field?
  • Who knew what the defense needed was Tracy Porter all along?
  • Pernell McPhee is really good. That is all.
  • There’s a good chance the Bears found two long-term starters in this draft with Eddie Goldman and Adrian Amos. Both are getting better every week.
  • Here’s what I know about Shea McClellin: he is just about always in position to make a play. Here’s what I don’t know: if he’ll ever consistently make them.
  • Is the response to being horrible kickoff coverage what we saw Sunday? Just handing the opponent the ball between the 30 and 40 yard lines?
  • Bears got the exact performance out of their receiving corps they were imagining coming into the season. Now if they can add their number one at the position into the mix they can be a truly dynamic passing attack.
  • Did teams stop throwing at Kyle Fuller or is he blanketing receivers? Can’t remember hearing his name on the telecast more than once or twice yesterday.

There will be more on re-watch, I’m sure. But one thing about the John Fox Bears…they play hard. And after the misery of 2014, that is as welcome a sign as anything.

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