Pete Prisco Wrote a Fair Column on Jay Cutler

| August 21st, 2015


Pete Prisco is not for everybody’s taste but he is for mine. He, unlike many other national football writers, does the work. He studies every game. He evaluates players based upon his eyes not the consensus belief.

I strongly encourage Bears fans to take a few moments and read his entire column on Jay Cutler by CLICKING HERE. Here are some excerpts.

On his status with media & fans…

“I don’t think the people who see him on the sidelines see the real Jay,” said Bob Clayton, his high school coach. “They see the guy who they think doesn’t like playing, a guy who gets mad on the field. It’s just that he’s such a competitor.”

When I asked Cutler about all the negative talk, and his status as the most-persecuted quarterback in the league, he laughed loudly.

“I think I used to (let it bother me),” he said. “Now I am at a point where I really like the coaches I am with. I like the players in the locker room. That’s where my concentration is each and every day, just trying to get better with those guys. That’s all I can worry about.”

On the potential of his being traded…

For Cutler, who has endured Bears fans burning his jersey, you would think getting traded might have been a good thing. He says now he’s glad it didn’t happen.

“It’s not my first time going through it (trade talk),” Cutler said. “Not saying you get used to it. I know it comes with the job at certain points. It was out of my control. I wait to see what happens. I wanted to stay in Chicago. You never know how it would shake out with all the draft-day rumors, and that didn’t pan out. At the end of the day, I am in the same place I started out at the beginning of the year and happy to be here.”

On having fun on the field again…

Gase gave Cutler an important message earlier this year during one of their first talks.

“Let’s have some fun,” Gase told him before the season. “Enjoy playing football again.”

That seems to be the case. Cutler appeared to be having fun.

“I remember at Denver he was a third-year player when he was really enjoying the game,” Gase said. “I don’t know if he lost that somewhere, but that’s one of our goals, to enjoy playing the game, to enjoy playing quarterback, enjoy playing with your teammates and enjoy the game-planning and playing games. It’s fun. He should enjoy it more.”

Again, go read the entire piece at CBS Sports. It’s worth it, even if you’re predisposed to despise the current quarterback.

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