Random Camp Thoughts: Volume I

| August 4th, 2015


– I could care less how many interceptions Jay Cutler throws in training camp. You know why? I know the talent level of the Bears secondary. (This is not a Jay slight. Just pointing out the nonsense of some camp reporting.)

– Jimmy Clausen probably looks poor in camp practice because Jimmy Clausen isn’t any good.

– I have a feeling Cutler is going to throw the ball more to Eddie Royal than any other receiver.

– Can we give Willie Young more than a half week before writing him off on the Bears defense? If Willie Young weren’t on the 2014 Bears defense they might have allowed 60 points half a dozen times.

– I hope Marquess Wilson turns into a special player. But he’s not one yet and it would be helpful if folks used reservation when discussing him.

– Think the Bears offensive line and run game is going to keep them competitive almost every week. But they won’t be able to hide that secondary.

– When I hear a team is being secretive regarding a player’s injury I think, “Maybe we are all taking this sports thing a bit too seriously?” Does the Bears revealing anything about Kevin White’s shin really make a lick of difference? I don’t see how.

– Do you know how bad a defense has to be to get excited about Mason Foster joining them? Sam Acho?

– Why does anyone care what Mike Martz thinks about Jay Cutler’s potential season? Do you? I don’t.