Rapid Fire: Short-Handed Bears Fall at the Death to Denver, Move to 4-6

| November 23rd, 2015

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Photo screenshot from Chicago Tribune.

There’s an old maxim in the NFL repeated ad nauseum in press conferences across the league: injuries are not an excuse. In a league with a hard salary cap not allowing for depth at any position, injuries are absolutely an excuse. If the Bears were at full strength yesterday, they win. Simple as that. With Matt Forte, Alshon Jeffery, Eddie Royal, a heathy Pernell McPhee and even Antrel Rolle (see below) the Bears would now be heading to Thanksgiving at .500. This roster is not deep enough to beat good teams short-handed.

Rapid fire…
  • Marquess Wilson will be a valuable part of the 2016 Bears as their fourth receiving option.
  • Worst game Jay Cutler played this season and it unsurprisingly came against the league’s best defense with all his receivers hurt. And he STILL took the team down the field at the end and gave them a chance to win it.
  • Cutler’s beautiful throw to Langford in the end zone is an easy touchdown for Matt Forte. Those are the kinds of plays Langford must learn to make. And he will.
  • There should be no run option on the final two point conversion. It should not even be available. Not against that front.
  • What was the fourth and eight call with ten minutes to go? Jeremy Langford and Martellus Bennett both looked like they had no idea where to run their routes.
  • Adam Gase has done a fine job this year with the quarterback and handling the injuries. He’s done a poor job in the red zone.

  • Rarely do I question a player’s commitment but I question Martellus Bennett’s. He never wins a contested ball and yesterday – when his quarterback continued believing in him – he dropped passes that were just lapses in concentration. If Bennett had some of Zach Miller’s heart he’d be an All Pro.
  • Play of the game? Osweiler hitting Latimer for the touchdown on third and eight. I’m no Matt Bowen but I’m pretty sure Kyle Fuller played the wrong technique there. Why would you let the receiver to your inside?
  • Tracy Porter continues to move his way onto the “guys who will be part of 2016 defense” list.
  • Over last four games Bears are allowing 17.5 points per game. With this defensive personnel that’s an astounding stat.
  • If Antrel Rolle plays,  Demaryius Thomas doesn’t score the opening touchdown. Chris Prosinski whiffing on that tackle cost Bears seven points.
  • Pat O’Donnell. You disappoint me, sir.
  • If you don’t see where the arrow is pointed for this franchise, you’re choosing not to see it. The Bears have become a tough, determined football team. When the men match the mentality, look out.
Reflection ends here. Short week. Packer week. If the Bears want to keep a glimmer of playoff hopes alive, they MUST win Thursday night.

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