Spotlight on the Coaching Candidates: Todd Bowles

| January 12th, 2015



The Bill Parcells coaching tree has been the most profitable of the modern era, yielding six Super Bowl titles since 2000. The reason? Parcells teaches his coaches to coach the whole field, not just their specific positions or unit. He breeds men who can run the room a la Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin and Sean Payton.

From a Sheil Kapadia piece for Philly Mag:

While Parcells was making a name for himself as the head coach of the New York Giants, he faced Bowles, a safety out of Temple, twice a year.

“I noticed that he was making their secondary calls and adjustments and and all those things as far back as those days,” Parcells said during an interview with Jon Marks and Brian Baldinger on 97.5 The Fanatic.

Later in the piece, Bowles discussed the impact Parcells has had on his coaching career:

“Bill taught me how to see the whole game and the team as a whole,” Bowles said. “He always wanted me to learn more than my position. The biggest thing he taught me was at the end of the game, with a loss, the people that take the losses the hardest are the coaches. The players can forget about them in two or three days. The head coach has to move on and stand in front of you guys, but the defensive coaches are pissed off because they know what really happens. So you’ve got to keep your coaches up to keep your players up.”
Many, including myself, have misread Bowles’ sideline stoicism as a lack of passion, a lack of fire. Everything you read about Bowles seems to disprove that belief. From a piece in USA Today:

A lackadaisical start Oct. 12 against Washington had Bowles so frustrated he busted a whiteboard during a halftime outburst that resonated with players accustomed to his soft-spoken persona. The Cardinals had four takeaways in the second half and won 30-20.

“He’s strategical, so he spends hours and hours drawing up these different formations, and if we go out there and ‘F’ it up, it kind of gets him pissed off,” Mathieu said. “He wasted his time basically drawing this up. That speech definitely got to us.”

Bowles is the safest hire for the Chicago Bears based on performance and pedigree.

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