Super Bowl Preview Volume III: Gambling Guide

| January 28th, 2015


Here are four fun bets for Super Bowl Sunday…


Heads or Tails.

If you’ve never bet the coin toss for a Super Bowl, you need to. And not to encourage gambling but it’s actually a fun way to get kids into betting on sports! You don’t need an offshore website or guy with a little notebook at the corner of the bar. You just need a friend. Go to your friend before the game. One of you take heads. One of you take tails. Put $5 or a drink on it. It is a 100% foolproof way of giving yourself a boost of adrenaline before the game begins.

Prediction: Tails. Many believe it never fails.


From PFT piece:

Over-Under on Super Bowl XLIX’s shortest touchdown: 1.5 yards.

Over: +115 (lay $10 to win $11.50).

Under: -135 (lay $13.50 to win $10).

This prop boils down to one question: Will there be a one-yard touchdown in the Super Bowl?

This is a GREAT Super Bowl prop because it involves a wide range of factors. But ask yourself this question: how many touchdowns do you believe will be scored Sunday? 3? 4? This prop relies upon plays being run from the one yard line and whilst a pass interference in the end zone is not unlikely with these two aggressive secondaries, the odds simply aren’t there.

Prediction: Over.


From PFT piece:

The first prop comes courtesy of the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, which has set an Over-Under on the Super Bowl receiving yards gained by Patriots wide receiver Brandon LaFell.

The Over-Under is 50.5 yards.

Both the OVER and UNDER have the standard house vigorish, meaning bettors have to lay $11 to win $10.

LaFell has topped the 50.5 yard mark 4 of the last 5 games, only missing against a  Colts defense the Pats knew they could run at with reckless abandon. But in those four games, LaFell never topped 70 yards. This is one of the greatest secondaries of all time.  He is Brandon LaFell. The Patriots are likely to sacrifice LaFell to Richard Sherman all evening.

Prediction: Under.


From Paddy Power, over in Ireland:

1st Quarter Field Goal  Yes No    NFL Matches Betting Odds

I am going all-in on this one for many reasons:

  • Seahawks have a wonderful red zone defense.
  • Seahawks have a mediocre (at best) red zone offense.
  • Both field goal kickers are consistent.
  • There is a serious premium on getting the zero off the scoreboard in a Super Bowl. If you believe this game is going to be low scoring – as I do – it would be surprising to see either of these head coaches take unnecessary risks in the first quarter. If either has an opportunity to take an early lead, I think they take it.

Prediction: Yes. Lay a few hundo to win a few hundo.

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