The Free Agency Notebook: Day 3

| March 13th, 2015



  • Patrick Finley does a nice job in the Sun-Times breaking down how Fox and Pace view their defensive roster’s transition from 4-3 front to 3-4. (I think this transition is the most over-discussed topic in the universe.)
  • Ron Parker and Mason Foster would be the types of signings I expected from this free agency period. Mid-range veteran talent that can play their positions at a minimal cost.
  • Why exactly would Ryan Pace need to be asked about “mending fences” with Jay Cutler? Has Ryan Pace ever said a negative word about Cutler? Pace evaluated the player, evaluated the possibility of replacing the player, listened to trade offers (if you think he didn’t, you’re nuts) and determined the best course of action for the 2015 Bears was Cutler at quarterback? How could anyone make the argument Cutler deserved more than that?
  • If the Saints are really shopping Kenny Stills – which makes no sense to me – how can the Bears not be interested? A wide receiving corps of Alshon Jeffery, Kenny Stills and Eddie Royal would make Brandon Marshall quite easy to forget.


(1) How did Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton go from being called the best run-stopping NT in the sport by Bill Polian on Tuesday to signing a one-year, $4 million contract with Washington?

(2) Wasn’t Brian Orakpo a national star like two years ago?

(3) Am I the only one who thinks LeSean McCoy is a significantly better running back than DeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews combined?

(4) Is Charles Clay really worth this borderline espionage from the Buffalo Bills?

(5) Does everybody now know the way to gain 100 Twitter followers and receiver 800 ReTweets is to make a Draft Day joke? Is it possible that’s the worst film ever made? It has to be close.

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