Thoughts on the John Fox, Ryan Pace Combine Pressers

| February 18th, 2015



  • John Fox was noncommittal on the future of Jay Cutler. He was asked point-blank if Cutler was his quarterback moving forward and balked. It is February 18th. We are less than a month from free agency. How many teams with a “franchise” quarterback would not endorse him as the starter today? Yes it’s possible Fox does not have enough information on Cutler to this point but what exactly is he going to learn between now and free agency or the draft? Will Cutler have an opportunity to blow Fox away at OTAs? Will the Bears be willing to risk millions of dollars on that development?
  • Fox made is quite clear that if Brandon Marshall will be on the Chicago Bears in 2015 he will not be on Inside the NFL. His money quote: “Our focus needs to be on football.” This is a drastic departure from the previous head coach.
  • The Bears are switching to a 3-4 base for all you 3-4/4-3 junkies out there.
  • Fox knows he is taking over a defense lacking in talent. When pressed about building blocks on that side of the ball he struggled to mention anyone other than Kyle Fuller.
  • Fox started to get frustrated during his short presser with the number of ways the press asked him the EXACT SAME question about Cutler. This wasn’t on the Chicago media. This was on the whole of the NFL media attending this moronic event.
  • The Bears want Josh McCown back in Chicago. McCown fits to a tee the type of quarterback Fox has utilized in his first year with a team needing rejuvenation: limited ability but  great leadership qualities. If the Bears are targeting a quarterback in this draft (or a young player at the bottom of somebody else’s roster), McCown is a far better choice to help groom that young talent than Cutler.
  • Seemed to be little desire on Fox’s part to leave door open for Lance Briggs and Charles Tillman to return.

The takeaway…

On offense, Fox has to determine whether his supremely talented quarterback and receiver fit in with the locker room he’s trying to build. On defense, Fox has to find players. He doesn’t have many now.


  • Pace stated Bears would “maximize time” they take to make decision on Cutler. This would lead me to think the decision will be made before the next big chunk of cash is guaranteed.
  • Pace strongly reiterated the organization’s new belief that Brandon Marshall will not be partaking in his extracurricular activities any longer. Pace making it very clear that Dan Bernstein’s reporting Marshall was out in Chicago were and continue to be dog shit.
  • Pace is really the opposite of Phil Emery. No buzzwords. No mantras. Matter of fact. Deliberate.
  • Pace was asked if Josh McCown could be a starter or backup in the NFL. His response? “Either.” This leads me to strongly believe McCown was told at his morning meeting with the Bears that he’d have an opportunity to be the starter in 2015.
  • I’d be surprised if the Bears don’t leave the first round of the coming draft with a pass rusher.
  • Pace stated Kyle Long could play “multiple positions on the offensive line”. Does this open the door for him to move outside to tackle? If the Bears believe this is where his future lies they should make the move before they arrive in Bourbonnais.
  • Pace did not hesitate when asked about Jared Allen. He called him “flexible” and certainly expects him on the team this season.

The takeaway…

For the first time during this process I believe Jay Cutler may not be the Bears quarterback in 2015.

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