Three Post-Draft Thoughts

| May 7th, 2015

Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp

Adam Gase has to love this opportunity.

He has one of the league’s top backs, one of the league’s top tight ends, a terrific receiving corps (especially if Kevin White makes an immediate impact) and a quarterback that can make every throw. The unit has two holes: health/production from right tackle and the decision-making of the quarterback. Gase’s system should mitigate both to an extent with a run-heavy approach and quick, timing throws. Gase is going to be a head coach in 2016.

I have no clue what the defense will be (and neither do you).

For people who believe the Bears defense hasn’t improved enough this offseason, I ask this question: how the hell does anybody know? There’s an entirely new scheme by entirely new and vastly-improved coaches. There’s a new safety, a new corner, an entirely new linebacking corps (including conversions of defensive ends) and a completely rebuilt defensive line. If you told me the Bears defense would be in the top half of the NFL next season, how could I argue? (Of course the same would go for the opposite.)

One thing I will tell you is they will be tougher and nobody will be putting 50 spots on them.

Who returns kicks?

Bears only have one player on their official roster listed as a kick returner: Marc Mariani. If I were the Bears I would give Jeremy Langford a shot at the job this summer.

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