Three Things You Might Be Able to See During the Second Meaningless Game Saturday Night

| August 20th, 2015


You read the headline. You don’t need a lede.

#1 Shea McClellin in Coverage

Andrew Luck loves the tight end position and has two pretty good ones in Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen. Luck attacks the middle of the field with both players and McClellin’s physical purview is now that very same region.

Here is a situation where NFL coaches should truly embrace the practice nature of these games. Why doesn’t John Fox call over to Chuck Pagano and say, “Hey Chuck, do me a favor. Once or twice over the first few drives, attack my middle linebacker in the passing game. We’re trying to see what he has in coverage.” Then Chuck could turn around and do the same. This would actually serve to make both teams better.

Instead they’ll all call a bunch of random plays and hope the players they need to evaluate get involved. Someone will get hurt for the year and fans will still argue with me about the importance of summertime reps.

Side note: Rookie Adrian Amos starting is also of interest but what he does Saturday night means very little. The Bears aren’t playing Amos because they want to. They’re playing Amos because, well, what’s the difference?

#2 Bears Pass Rush

For some reason the Indianapolis Colts are hell bent on getting Andrew Luck killed. Their offensive line was a disaster in 2014 and their current offensive tackles – Castonzo and Mewhort – aren’t very good. The Bears should have one goal Saturday night on defense: scare the Colts into pulling Luck after one drive.

Side note: I doubt we’ll see Vic Fangio show much more in this game than he did in the previous. There is absolutely zero reason to do so. The element of surprise on opening day may be the Bears best weapon all season long.

#3 Senorise Perry

Jacquizz Rodgers is on a one-year deal. Ka’Deem Carey is on an easy-to-unload rookie deal. Senorise Perry, if you managed to make through the entirety of the first preseason game (which was not easy), delivered the Bears’ best offensive performance. Yes, he was going against the third stringers. Yes, the game had essentially turned into a high school scrimmage. But Perry did what you’re supposed to do against that level of competition: he looked like a man amongst boys. It will be interesting to see if the Bears give him opportunities earlier in the evening.

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